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Gwen & Her Fur Angels

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In Memoey Of Winston Ernest Noel


My soulmate who waits at the Bridge


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Tender Touches


When would she come?

Winston didn’t know.

He did not even know his name,

On that day so long ago.


When she arrived, he knew it then,

The lady with the loving eyes,

He ran right up to her with glee,

And she scooped him up to his surprise.


Happy Birthday he heard the man say,

He didn’t yet know this was “dad”.

For he was only eight weeks old,

A sweet and loving Siamese lad.


He found the best mommy, he knew,

And loved his new home very well.

He slept upon her pillow that night,

As he would for life his mommy could tell.


He followed her around like a little pup,

Bringing his ball for her to throw.

Playing fetch was a favorite game,

For mommy’s precious little shadow.


Winston would anxiously wait,

Whenever his mommy had to go,

Excitedly somersaulting upon her return,

For the “tummy kisses” she would bestow.


The years went by, and Winston was twelve.

His bond with mommy was very strong.

His leg was lame and causing him pain,

She knew in her heart that something was wrong.


The news was bad, the doctor said.

Winston had bone cancer of the worst form.

There were no options that could help,

There was no magic to perform.


Mommy knew in her shattered heart,

The only thing that could be done.

Tears of love and pain flowed free,

As she held her baby with warm affection.

The night before it was time to leave,

Winston let his mommy know,

He caressed her face with tender touches,

As he lay upon her tear soaked pillow.


A special kitty resides at the Bridge,

Among doggies, birds, kitties and fishes,

Awaiting the day he’ll somersault again,

To receive his mommy’s “tummy kisses”.


Sandra Hender

Written for Gwen’s “Winston”

March 1st, 2007


"My Soulmate, Winston Ernest"
 I wonder what he is thinking
 Behind those china blue eyes.
 Is he contemplating life?
 Is that why he looks so wise?
 Does he think about tomorrow?
 Does he think about what's been?
 Does he wonder at the habits
 of prosaic mice and men?
 What secrets has he hidden
 within those china blue eyes?
 There must be quite a number
 Safely stored in orbs that size!
 Does he reflect on high ideals?
 Does he ponder deeper thoughts?
 Does he solve complex mysteries
 that have puzzled human sleuths?
 I wonder what he's thinking:
 How much does he realize?
 Does he know that I love him?
 Him and those china blue eyes.
 by Mink Randolph


Winston was nominated Prince of the month on Aug. 4, 2001, by Auntie Shelly, before she knew he had gone to RB. He  was Prince for 2 months.


by Lanie Blackmon

My best friend spoke to me last night
a soft whisper in my ear.
I woke up and looked around the room,
I was startled, yet I had no fear.

My best friend said that all is fine
Rainbow Bridge is so much more.
That there was so much love up there,
even a beautiful ocean shore.

There are fields and fields of green green grass
and the sky has different shades of blue.
There are flowers, mountains, trees and clouds,
everything they said it was, is true.

My best friend whispered in my ear last night
saying "Please don't cry or be sad.
That what was done, had to be done,
for me to live my life now, so be glad."

My best friend said that I did the right thing
an unselfish act on my part.
And that the pain and sadness I feel
will be gone soon from my heart.

I asked my best friend, "How could this be
I miss you so much everyday.
That my heart hurts so much for you,
I wish there could of been another way."

My best friend whispered in my ear last night
"You will always be in my heart.
Go on and live and love another,
because we will never really be apart."

My best friend whispered in my ear last night
"It's time for me to go towards the light.
I just wanted to stop and say to you
Go on my best friend, I'll be alright."

"I carry your unconditional love with me
I have done this from the very start."
I whispered back to my best friend last night,
"I'll always love you with all my heart."

"So goodbye my best friend," as I looked up at the sky
A shooting star I see in a straight line
Moving fast across the sky and out of sight,
I whispered, "Goodbye my best friend.  Now, I'll be fine."

         --  Lanie Blackmon    <lovemy4goldens at>


Auntie Susan made this for angel Winston.





God's Gift

One day when God felt generous,
He looked down at me and smiled,
"Since I feel so magnanimous,
I'd like to give you something, child."

He asked me what I wanted,
I said, "Oh, really nothing more,
You've done so much already."
He said, "That's what God is for."

"You have been pretty good," He said,
I know there's not much that you seek,
I will pick a little something,
Just to make your life complete."

With great anticipation,
I looked forward to my gift,
I wondered what God had in mind,
That would give me such a lift.

"This gift," God said, "You realize,
Bears some responsibility,
So, if you accept my present,
You must be willing to agree...

"To offer unconditionally,
A section or a part,
Of more than half of you,
The larger portion of your heart."

"Okay, God," I answered,
"Since in You, I always trust,
I'll meet your obligation,
In the manner that I must."

To myself, I thought, wow, what a gift,
For so much of me, God's asked,
Now what could be so valuable,
That my share was more than half?

With both hands I sought my gift,
I still did not have a clue,
Then God put your sealpoint paw in mine,
And said His gift to me was YOU!


Watching birds & lizards on the screen porch.


Baby Winston, 8 weeks old.


Sleeping is serious business!



Mew-haw-haw, that was a funny one!


Ole blue eyes just waking up.



As I got up this morning I felt a brush against my leg
Was that you

I just felt a soft nudge against my hand
Was that you

I felt a soft breath on my skin
Was that you

The little ones were watching something
Was that you

When I heard the wind whisper "I love you"
Was that you

The blanket moved and no one was there
I know it was you.

When the wind chimes chimed with no breeze
I know it was you

When there is a sudden breeze in the calm
I know it was you

When I feel that special paw on my face
I know it was you

When so many strange things happen
I know it was you.

Those strange little paw prints in the snow
I know it was you

I wondered if it was you, but I knew it was and is you
Forever in my heart and every beat of it

For Cinemax's Birthday Memorial
Helen Gregory


Bird watching from my window bed.




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 Will you be waiting when I get there?
 Will you be just behind the door?
 Will it be as it was before you left?
 Wanting hugs and begging for more?
 I remember the way you'd greet me,
 Your joy knew no bounds.
 I'd scoop you up and hold you close,
 For us, no one else was around.
 But that was before you left me,
 And that is all in the past.
 That was before I lost you
 To death's cold and merciless grasp.
 But I have faith, and I believe
 That somewhere in God's plans,
 You play and watch and wait for me,
 In a Never-Never Land.
 A land of trees and balmy air,
 Where others, just like you,
 Are waiting very patiently,
 For those who loved them, too.
 Dear one, I'll be there, don't you fear,
 Though it may take a while.
 I'll cross that Rainbow Bridge with you,
 Together, we'll walk that mile



Made for me by Auntie Susan, Bandit's mom.