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Gwen & Her Fur Angels

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Graphics of Winston***


Graphics of Winston that friends have made for me
(This page is graphically intense and may take a long time to load)


When I got Winston, it was a year before my Sealpoint Siamese, "Kid" went to the bridge. I knew I wouldn't have Kid much longer, he was 15 years old, & his health was failing, & I didn't know how I could live without him. He was my first soulmate. Kid took Winston under his wing, er.....paw, & when Kid died, at home, in his sleep, a year later, Winston did make it easier to bear, & it is & was like Kid told Winston little things, because Winston is very much like Kid was, & does some of the same little sweet things Kid did, in fact, some of it is downright eerie. I will always miss my first soul mate, but Winston helped me through that difficult time, as if he knew how I felt.








I got Winston  when he was eight weeks old.  He was a traditional Sealpoint Siamese, and the sweetest cat I have ever known.  Winston and I shared a bond that was very close, I didn't  go anywhere without him, as he wouldn't eat when he was separated from me.

The first night I had him, he slept at the top of the bed, by my pillow, and always did..  He also did somersaults and stayed on his back till I kissed his tummy!

In August, 2001, I was busy on a Saturday and as usual Winston was following me around helping.  I went outside to bring clothes in and took them in the bedroom to fold.  Winston came in the bedroom and was holding his left hind leg up and wouldn't walk on it.  I examined it, and it was painful.

 My Vet had just left for the weekend, so I took him to the ER clinic.  They x-rayed it and said it showed a shadow.  The thought he had jumped off something and injured it and told me to follow up with my vet on Monday.  

So Monday I took the x-rays to my vet and he viewed them.  He said it was bad - it appeared to be bone cancer and looked like it had spread.  We decided to go to a larger clinic, to a vet who is a friend of my vets, for further evaluation.  A biopsy was performed but we had to wait for the results.  Needless to say, this wait was terrible.  

The report showed Fibrosarcoma, the only treatment is amputation, which does not guarantee anything.  You might prolong his life a year, but this is a big, bad surgery, with a long recovery and therapy, since it would have to be removed at the socket.
  My Winston was 12 years old, hated going to the vet, and after much prayer and though, I decided not to put my soul mate through this. 

After making my decision, both vets agreed with me, they said they have not seen good results and they would not do this to a pet of theirs.Four months later, in Aug. when Winston got  painful and ill, my vet  came here to our home and give him a shot to make him drift off to sleep while I was  holding him in my arms.  Then after about 10 minutes he gave the one to stop his heart.  I was  with him to the end and he  knew it.  His prognosis in April 2001 was six months.

It broke my heart for my love, best friend, and soul mate to have this disease but I am thankful I  had him for 12 wonderful years.  He was  a joy in my life.

He seemed, if possible, to be growing sweeter with each day.  The last night he slept wrapped around my head practically with his face in my face.  All night he would touch my face with his paw, on my cheek, kips, eyes and nose.  And every once in a while he would give me a little love nibble on my ears or nose.  He was purring the entire time!  I didn't get much sleep, but do I care?  I will treasure these things forever.The next morning Winston let me know it was time for him to leave me.He will always be in my heart.



My dear friend, Raylene, made this wallpaper for me.